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  • by Guust Nieuwenhuis
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For those that don’t know, MURA is a very powerful CMS that is renowned for it’s fantastic UX –  especially for content managers. Previously it was offered as an open source platform but that support ended in August of this year.

As seasoned MURA users – with some big clients running it – this could have presented a major problem. So, we came up with a solution… and we’re proud to announce that We Are North has forked the project and are now supporting a new version – called MASA – continuing its lifespan as an open source platform.

The Experts Pick

Built on Java (Lucee and ColdFusion), MASA combines all the features of more well known CMS such as WordPress and Drupal. However, it packs a real punch for content editors.

With a focus on easy workflows that make the process of drafting, editing, and publishing content a breeze, it’s no wonder those in charge of websites choose it.

Today MURA powers over 3000 clients – not just public websites but also large intranets. With MURA shifting to closed source, relying on decoupled services we were left with a tough decision to make.

Many of our existing clients require at the very least, dedicated cloud facilities – if not entirely on premises setups. Without the option to do that we had no choice but to fork the project from the repository it was held in and so MASA was born.

Named in a similar style to its relative, MASA also derives its name from the river Maas which runs through the Netherlands and Belgium. We’re a part of it now and so we wanted its name to reflect not just its history but also its future.

Come With Us

Right now we’re reaching out to the community to see who would like to join us on this journey and contribute to the project’s roadmap. In the exact spirit of open source we don’t want to own any part of this, just see the platform develop and continue to give our customers the support they need as well as find ways to help new users.

We’re really proud of the positive feedback we’ve already had from the community and feel excited that we are able to help support a brilliant piece of open source software. Our customers now benefit from continued security updates and the knowledge that their CMS will be maintained for years to come. Not only that, but new and old users alike can enjoy the new features we’ll be developing on the platform in the future.

We’re looking forward to being a part of MASA as an open source platform and relishing the chance to grow a community of dedicated, passionate users who we can work with to make it even better.

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