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Develop your GDPR friendly CMS Platform

by implementing MASA CMS a platform ideally suited to organizations looking to be GDPR  compliant.


MASA CMS is a headless Enterprise Content Management platform (based on open source technology) that enables both marketers and developers to publish engaging online content across a variety of online channels to deliver personalized internet and intranet sites and mobile applications.

Build and update application code safely with content, models, and configurations isolated from your production environment. API's let you perform actions programmatically: retrieving content, updating workflows and updating of content models.

MASA CMS allows for easy deployment on your infrastructure of choice: MASA Cloud (AWS, Azure) or an OnPremises infrastructure of choice. MASA CMS is ideally suited to organizations looking to be compliant with privacy laws such as GDPR.

MASA CMS has a growing install base in both the United States and EMEA.

  • Royal Air Force (RAF)
  • Childcare Choices with HMRC (the UK’s tax body)
  • CSA Centre (for Barnardo’s), a multi-disciplinary body built to tackle child sexual abuse

Updates & cases

Why Binary Vision commits to MASA CMS

MASA is great. Don't just take our word for it. Look at Binary Vision, a digital service provider that builds and develops websites for big public sector clients in the UK such as the Royal Air Force.

As a big fan of open source platforms, we've had the unique opportunity to support a fork of MURA which we are calling MASA. This fork is going to continue the open source history of the CMS platform and enable our existing customers as well as our new ones to benefit from its brilliant reputation for UX.
Secure and user-friendly training portal for NATO NSHQ

By combining content and customer data into one intuitive platform we gave NATO’s Special Operations Headquarters (NSHQ) more insight into their training courses and the people that participate in them.

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